Benedict Cumberquisitor

Took a stab at recreating Benedict Cumberbatch in the Character Creator of Dragon Age Inquisiton. What do you think?


Benedict12_EyeRotation Benedict13_EyebrowDetails Benedict14_OuterIris Benedict15_InnerIris Benedict16_NoseSize Benedict17_NosePosition Benedict18_BridgeSize Benedict19_BridgePosition Benedict20_NoseTipSize Benedict21_NoseTipPosition Benedict22_NostrilSize Benedict23_BrokenNose Benedict24_MouthShape Benedict25_MouthWidth Benedict26_MouthPosition Benedict27_LipThickness Benedict28_Jawline Benedict29_JawSize Benedict30_Jowls Benedict31_ChinSize Benedict32_ChinShape Benedict33_DoubleChin Benedict34_AdamsApple Benedict01_General Benedict02_EarSize Benedict03_EarPosition Benedict04_EarlobeSize Benedict05_Cheekbones Benedict06_CheekShape Benedict07_BrowSize Benedict08_Forehead Benedict09_EyeShape Benedict10_EyeSize Benedict11_EyePosition

Benedict Cumberquisitor

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